Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Piece for La Luz 25th Anniversary Show SOLD

"Collector of the Dead" 10x8 oil on masonite

Hi All!
So happy to announce that my piece for the La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary Masters Exhibition has SOLD. I hope you will come down for opening night, Nov. 4th & 5th
I hear there will be a book of the exhibition, more details on that as soon as I get them. :D

Billy Shire celebrates 25 years of groundbreaking art shows with his biggest event ever: La Luz de Jesus 25, a major retrospective exhibition and companion book. The show, which features work by more than 270 artists who have exhibited at the gallery over the years, is so extensive that Shire has split it into two parts, each with two opening nights: part 1 opens October 7 & 8, and part 2 opens November 4 & 5.