Friday, January 22, 2010

The 8x10s are Coming!!!

I am very excited to announce that my etsy shop will soon have 8x10 prints available.
I've had a few requests for these, so I am looking forward to making them available. They should be here some time this week!
So far, the prints I will have available in 8x10 are "Mother", "Detached", "Without Light", "Suspended", and "Black Rust." If you are interested in a different piece in 8x10, just ask :D
Also, "Two Sisters" will now be available in the larger, square size of 5x5, which is the original format it was painted in.
On a personal note, David and I just went to see Avatar for the 3rd time, and we are planning to see it a 4th. If you haven't seen Avatar yet, go see it!! It's amazing!