Thursday, March 22, 2012

March Madness

We are coming up on the end of my March Madness. I have been too busy to post, so this will have to make up for the last few weeks in which I've been busy painting, running to the post office, painting some more, going to show openings, getting drunk in creepy David Lynch-esque hotels with awesome people, and then painting some more.
We opened the Petals to the Metal show last Friday the 16th to lots of metal and petals.

Next up was the Gag Me With a Toon show, curated by Steven J. Daily and Tomi Monstre. The show was PACKED. A big hug and thank you to everyone involved, it was a treat to show with so many amazing artists.

Show merch is available here: and the original art is available here: grab it while you can!
This weekend we will be opening the Freaks of Nature show at junc Boutique & Gallery. Some of the art has already come in, and it sure is freaky!! This one is sure to delight (or horrify, depending on your proclivity)

Come dressed in your finest Carnivale Side-Show Freak attire and join us for a night of booze and art!